How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Virginia?

So you’re interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent?  A career in real estate can be exciting and can take as little as a week to a few months, depending on your motivation level!  The process is fairly simple but tedious so make sure to follow these simple steps to make the process a lot smoother!

– Be at least 18 years of age.
– Hold a high school diploma or certificate of equivalency.

Approximately $2,500 for the first year. Details explained at the end!  Just remember that the amount may seem like a lot but can be easily earned back in 1 transaction.*

So do you meet these requirements and have the funds ready? If yes, continue reading  to start a great career! 

STEP 1: Complete a 60 Hour Approved Licensing Course
The licensing course is available in many formats (online, written home study or classroom). The online or written home study course is a quick way to earn your 60 hours because you can go through it at your own pace.  However, during the classroom, you have to follow the schedule of the instructor.  The best licensing course is provided by Moseley and they’ve been training real estate agents since 1972, so to enroll in classes, click here!

STEP 2: Register for a proctor!
This course requires that you pass a written Efinal exam in order to prove you’ve completed the course and learned the material.  A proctor is any disinterested third party that is not a relative or a family member.  The proctor’s job is to log you into the Moseley Efinal Exam and remain present during the entire examination.  You will be able to register for a proctor once you’ve signed up a class and received your username and password.  I am a registered proctored with Moseley and will be glad to proctor your exam, so if you need my details, please call me at 703-577-4320.

STEP 3: Pass the Virginia State Licensing Exam
After you’ve passed the proctored Moseley Efinal Exam, your information will be sent to the State that you’ve completed your 60 hours education requirement and you can take the State licensing exam.  The exam can be take at any PSI Testing Centers and you will be required to take the National & State test at the same time.  To register for the state exam, simply visit or call 1-800-733-9267.  Make sure to submit your fingerprints at the testing center after your test is complete to avoid any delays.

STEP 4: Affiliate with a licensed Broker.
Once you’ve passed both the National & State test, you will need to find a Broker to activate your license with.  The Broker will help you fill out all the necessary paperwork in order to get your license active.  The activation process typically takes 1 week but may take longer depending on your fingerprint processing.





$199 to $349


One-time 60 hour class registration fee.


PSI Exams

National & State Test Fee.  You are required to pay this fee for each time you take the test. If you pass the National test but fail the state, you will still be required to pay this fee to retake the state portion only.


Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation

One-time fee for license activation.


Realtor® Association of Prince William (PWAR)

This fee covers your membership dues for your local, state and national real estate board. The application fee is $250, the dues are split as $155 for NAR, $120 for VAR, $329 for PWAR. This dues are prorated to the month you join.



This fee is for the multiple listing services (MLS) that help you gain access to all the house listing.  The subscription fee is $295 and then a quarterly fee of $165 bringing the total of $955 for the first year.

$165 + tax


SentriLock Card allows you to open electronic lockboxes to show homes.

* You’re probably wondering how you can earn your $2,500 in one transaction? The average commission from representing a buyer or seller is 3% with an average sales price of $250,000 in the Northern Virginia area. So $250,000 x 3% = $7,500.00.  This is not the exact commission you will earn because you still have to pay Broker split and taxes but none of those will exceed more than 50%.  For most new agents Broker split’s range from 50% to 80% but our company offers 85% to 100% to all new agents with full support and technology!

So if you’re ready to start an exciting career in real estate, call me today at 703-577-4320!!

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