Lots to Be Thankful For!

Last week was a very eventful week for Congress and we’ve got lots of things to be thankful for. The obvious is health, family, happiness, etc. However, there is much more had happened in  the real estate world last week that we should all be thankful for. Here is a list of all the great things that took place last week:

As you know, in late September the FHA, Fannie Mae; and Freddie Mac loan limits were reduced in 42 states pricing potential home buyers out of the American Dream of home ownership and holding back the housing recovery. Congress restored the loan limits for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) for two years. The reinstated FHA loan limit formula and cap change will help make mortgages more affordable and accessible for hard-working, middle-class families in 669 counties in 42 states and territories, where Continue reading

Short Sale Superstitions

It’s 11/11/11 and this was posted at 11:11 am. Yes, I actually waited all morning to post this at the right time:-). I’m not a superstitious but I did it for all my superstitious friends out there and to THANK OUR VETERANS (remember Armistice Day). Today is a day the arrives once in a century so why not take full advantage of it! There is a long list of superstitious beliefs that people follow are the world, but over the last few years, I’ve noticed more people have pre-conceived notions about short sales in the housing market. Some of these “beliefs” about short sales are almost superstitious and I’ll try to demystify them.

But before I begin, today is Veterans day so a SPECIALS THANKS to our Veterans who have worked so hard to make sure we get to enjoy the freedoms that we have today…Thanks for serving our great nation!

If you could like to learn more about he history of Veterans Day, visit the military website at www.military.com/veterans-day.

As the housing “crisis” continues more and more are foreclose on their homes, rather than try to workout a solution with the banks. Here are some common superstitions about short sales:

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